How to check Louis Vuitton authenticity


If you’re purchasing a Louis Vuitton product and want to make sure it is authentic, there are several steps you should take.


First, look for any obvious signs of a fake. Does the pattern look off? Are the zippers or stitching not right? If anything about the bag looks odd, it could be a counterfeit item.


Second, look at the tags attached to the bag. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags will include a date code inside and outside of each individual item. The date code is typically located on either side of the interior and exterior zipper pull tabs or along one of the seams inside the bag. It should consist of two letters followed by four numbers (e.g., SD3182).


Third, check the material. While this can be more difficult to do, authentic Louis Vuitton bags are typically made of either coated canvas or leather and should have a certain feel to them. Fake Louis Vuitton bags may use cheap materials that don’t look or feel right.


Fourth, Entrupy is a great tool to use for verifying the authenticity of Louis Vuitton products. With its patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Entrupy can quickly and easily identify counterfeits with up to 99.1% accuracy. The process is simple: first, take macro photos of your product and submit them to the Entrupy website or app. Once they have been scanned, you will receive an authentication report within minutes, confirming whether your item is genuine or not. This technology helps guarantee that you are buying authentic Louis Vuitton items every time. No more worrying about getting stuck with counterfeit merchandise! With Entrupy, you can shop confidently knowing that your investment in luxury goods is secure. So make sure to use this device.


Fifth, best way to check authenticity of Louis vuitton bag is to use authenticator such as Proauthenticator. This authenticator will provide detail information about the bag such as its brand, model, color and serial number. The service also offers verification of the craftsmanship and authenticity of the item.


Finally, ask for documentation from the seller before making a purchase. Many legitimate vendors will include receipts and/or certificates of authenticity with their products. If you’re buying second-hand, make sure you get some sort of verification from the seller that it is an authentic Louis Vuitton product.


By following these steps, you can ensure that any Louis Vuitton product you buy is genuine and not fake. If you’re still unsure, it’s best to buy from a reputable seller. Our website sell on Authentic Louis Vuitton bags and we are admin of Luis Vuitton addicted group with more than 130,000 members. This will help you avoid any potential fraud or scams. Happy shopping!



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